Luxury Vinyl

Light & Rigid floors
Little to NO subfloor preparation needed

Did we mention that these floors take care of your back? The rigid composite board (RCB) makes Pure Click planks up to 30% lighter than other click floors, so they are easy to manipulate, transport and install.

This unique RCB core has a foamed structure: strong and light. No wonder we patented it. The rigidity enables you to install the floor over almost all subfloors with little or no preparation. 

This patented formula also guarantees floor stability when temperatures change. So no worries, you can install a Pure floor in front of you large windows. The foam structure is also great for the environment, as the planks and tiles use 30% less material. Moreover, they can be 100% recycled at the end of their lives.

Plank Effect

Tile Effect

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

LVT is an innovative design of vinyl flooring. It is designed to replicate a hard floor such as stone or wood effect. Even the most trained eyes will struggle to distinguish LVT from the products that it mimics

Through the use of heat and pressure the LVT is constructed of the 4 layers:


Sound absorbing layer with texture and grip

Wear Layer

This is the critical layer to give the crucial role in the lifespan of the product

Infill Layer

Gives the board stability and indentation resistance 


3D visuals can be printed to give realistic impressions of stone and wood

LVT can either be installed by gluing or using a click system.

LVT is more comfortable than laminate with a softer finish and also has sound reducing properties ahead of laminate.

One of the main benefits of LVT is that it is waterproof and so you won’t need to worry about mopping and steam cleaning the boards unlike laminates that can be damaged if too much moisture is present between joins.