Even if you can pay for a product all in one go, sometimes you’d just prefer to spread the cost

Finance Partner

We have partnered with Snap Finance so that our valued clients can have the option to spread the cost of a purchase.

Snap Finance offers affordable loans to help customers get the things they need even if they’ve been refused credit in the past. If you’ve been refused credit we may still be able to help.

Many finance applications require a ‘hard inquiry’ in order to score your application but this is not required with Snap

With Hello 15 Spread The Cost with 15 months credit and if you settle in 15 weeks you won't be charged any interest

What if I don’t settle in 15 weeks?

Bills keep coming and life keeps moving, so if your money is needed somewhere else and you don’t use the 15 weeks pay off option, just carry on paying the minimum payments and you’ll pay it off over 15 months. It’ll cost you about £3 per month for every £100 borrowed.

At any point after the first 15 weeks you can settle your loan early and only pay interest up to that point. We’re as flexible as you need us to be!